Master (Thesis/Non-thesis)

General Information

The Master of Science in Architecture is a four-semester program for those who have a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. This program offers students an opportunity to examine the discipline from different standpoints. The fields of studies in the program encompass design cognition and computing, building physics (energy efficient design, lighting acoustics), history , theory and criticism, kinetic architecture, principles of business organization in architecture, construction management and sustainability in architecture. Students pursue a self-directed program of study at an advanced level under the supervision of a designated faculty member. They are required to take Research Methods I, Thesis Research, one related research course (Historical Change and Architectural Theory, Principles of Building Physics, Socio-Cultural Studies in Architecture,  or Project Management) and five electives selected according to their research area and approved by their supervisor. The final product is a written thesis. Graduates of this program are expected to further their studies in academic fields.

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