The aim of İYTE department of architecture is to produce/develop practitioners competent in the design and execution of  building; and perform related research projects that contribute to the development of architetural knowledge.


As IYTE Department of Architecture, in order to reach the aims outlined above, our mission is

  • To contribute to knowledge within the field of. architecture through research and to provide the infrastructure necessary to perform such research.
  • To apply group-working methodologies, interdisciplinary approaches and research-based orientations to undergraduate and graduate education..
  • To continuously develop the program of education such that we ensure the competency of future architects in the areas of design; history; building technology and sciences; structural elements and systems; ecology and sustainability; and other areas.
  • To produce architects, researchers, and academicians who are capable of developing alternative, productive, flexible, and creative solutions for the problems they are solving.
  • To produce architects who comprehend the social responsibilities of multi-dimesional/multi-variate building processes, and who provide architectural services with such responsibility.