The Bachelor of Architecture is an eight-semester program with three six-week summer practices. The overall structure of the undergraduate program is established to foster creative thinking and ensure that students are equipped with the necessary technical and theoretical knowledge to analyze and solve design problems.
In the first three semesters, architecture and city planning students take design and structure courses together, which is a unique program feature. In addition, in the seventh semester, there is an urban design studio where students from two departments collaborate on large-scale urban design problems. The convergence of the two programs reflects a holistic approach to the built environment and aims at increasing knowledge and interaction between architects and city planners.
Students who complete the program and receive their Bachelor of Architecture degree are eligible for an architect license from the Chamber of Architects of Turkey, a member of UIA.

Master (Thesis/Non-thesis)

The Master of Science in Architecture is a four-semester program for those with a Bachelor Degree in Architecture. This program offers students an opportunity to examine the discipline from different standpoints. The fields of studies in the program encompass design cognition and computing, building physics (energy-efficient design, lighting acoustics), history, theory and criticism, kinetic architecture, principles of business organization in architecture, construction management, and sustainability in architecture. Students pursue a self-directed program of study at an advanced level under the supervision of a designated faculty member. They are required to take Research Methods I, Thesis Research, one related research course (Historical Change and Architectural Theory, Principles of Building Physics, Socio-Cultural Studies in Architecture, or Project Management), and four electives selected according to their research area and approved by their supervisor. The final product is a written thesis. Graduates of this program are expected to further their studies in academic fields.


The Ph.D. Program in Architecture accepts applicants with a Master Degree in the field. Applicants to this program are expected to demonstrate some level of expertise and an exceptional interest in advanced studies in architecture. The program is composed of two-year coursework during which students are required to take Epistemological Foundations of Research and Research Methods II and five electives selected according to their research area. By the end of the second year, students take the mandatory comprehensive examination in their field of study and propose a research committee. The final product is a doctoral dissertation that needs to be approved by the research committee.