International Fellowship for Outstanding & Early Stage Researchers

Dear Researchers,

TÜBİTAK 2232-A International Fellowship for Outstanding Researchers, in order to encourage qualified researchers, especially Turkish scientists, who have distinguished themselves with high-level scientific and technological studies in their fields and have experience working abroad, to carry out studies in research areas of strategic importance for our country, to carry out their studies in Turkey. Researchers and 2232-B International Fellowship for Early Stage Researchers Programs 2024/1 calls are open for application as of 24.01.2024.

With this program;

a. Scholarship for executive,
b. Family living expense scholarship for the spouse or child of the executor, if any,
c. Research start-up package grant,
c. Research project support
D. Support for the formation of the research team,
to. PTI to be given to researchers who will take part in the research project,
f. Institution Share to the host institution/organization,
g. Health insurance support for the executive, spouse and children
g. Travel support for the executor and his/her spouse and children,
h. Mentoring support is provided.

The support period for the project is minimum 24 months and maximum 36 months. Detailed information about the programs is available at the addresses below.

With these programs, support will be given to scientists who aim for groundbreaking developments for our country in all fields of science and technology, who have the potential to eliminate important gaps in their field and gain a new perspective. Applications for the programs that are pioneering in terms of the support mechanisms they provide will be open until 30.04.2024 and can be made online via

Your applications are invited to the calls created to bring qualified researchers living abroad to our country, who will serve to develop the capacity to produce and use information by creating a research and innovation ecosystem, and to increase R&D and innovation activities that will support high value-added products and services.


Izmir Institute of Technology
Research Directorate